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Women's Titanium Bracelets

Welcome to the "softer side" of titanium! This special selection of Women's Titanium Bracelets takes all the edgier aspects of our favorite metal and tempers them with unique designs that live at the forefront of fashion! They're as tough and hard-hitting as anything sported by the guys, but this titanium jewelry for women features a feminine touch that adds an artistic flourish to some of the most creative styles you've ever seen.

Eternity Women's Titanium Bracelet
Price: $74.00
The Venustas Titanium Bracelet
Price: $55.00
Dual Tone Women's Titanium Bracelet
Price: $64.00

Women's Titanium Bracelets: All-Purpose Elegance

Classic styles, silken textures, simple-yet-powerful symbolism, and timeless artistry: these are the qualities that keep drawing us back to this specialized collection of Women's Titanium Bracelets. Yes, there's a lot of titanium jewelry for women out there, but the chosen few that made the cut for inclusion in this collection offer something special that you just won't find anywhere else.

Our Eternity Women's Titanium Bracelet weaves the symbol for endless love with timeless quality; the Venustas Titanium Bracelet brings flair to your fashion with bold-yet-beautiful screw head accents; while the Dual Tone Women's Titanium Bracelet is a study of contrasts. No two of our bracelets are alike, and each boasts the versatility to become your go-to fashion accessory. From the club to the office and everywhere in between, these new classics simply will not quit!

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