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Men's Titanium Bracelets and Men's Stainless Steel Bracelets

Welcome to the edge! Our collection of Men's Titanium Bracelets, Men's Stainless Steel Bracelets, and exotic metal bracelets fuse fashion with raw power for the most intense all-purpose jewelry ever! These Steel and Titanium Bracelets for Men are the nomads of the Shakedown Jewelry collection because they can go anywhere life takes him.

The office? These bracelets look good enough to complement your favorite power suit. The homestead? Kick back and relax, these bracelets are so lightweight you'll forget you're wearing one. The road? They'll make the journey with you and look better by the end than you do. A night on the town? Oh, hell yes! Nowhere is too upscale and nowhere is too rugged to catch a glimpse of these all-time classic Steel and Titanium Bracelets! Read more.

Don't think we've forgotten the ladies! When elegance meets power you get our selection of Women's Titanium Bracelets!

Titanium Cross Bracelet
Price: $215.00
Titan Titanium Men's Bracelet
Price: $185.00
Arca Titanium Bracelet
Price: $165.00
Men's Titanium Bracelet (Vernani)
Price: $155.00
Prestantia Unique Titanium Bracelet
Price: $155.00
Titanium Men's Bracelet (Maderna)
Price: $189.00

Stainless Steel & Titanium Bracelets for Men: Furious Yet Formal Fashions

Form and craftsmanship: that's what gives these Men's Titanium Bracelets and Men's Stainless Steel Bracelets their power. Metal is at its best when it's simple, when you allow the strength of the material and the shape of the design to do all the talking. That's why there's nothing glitzy or sparkly about any of the items featured here. You're not going to find frilly precious gem insets or cutesy crystals that spell out your name. Nope, these are uniquely shaped links combined with lightweight durability that are built to last. Nothing more, nothing less -- we keep it as simple as that.

We think the results speak for themselves, but if you want a perfect example, check out our popular Titanium Titan Bracelet. It's a beast that looks tough enough to start and win a few bar brawls on its own, but it also features sleek, clean lines and an attractive finish that has genuine professional appeal. Maybe it's out causing mayhem on the weekends, but on Monday it's right at home with the rest of your business attire. All of our titanium and stainless steel bracelets were made to walk that razor's edge, and we dare you to find other jewelry that does it as well as these!

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