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Matte Black Rings

Descend into the Heart of Darkness and enter the world of our Matte Black Rings and Flat Black Wedding Bands! These rings feature superior black zirconium construction for ultimate durability and comfort, and they are also infused with the stealth styling of our special matte black finish. There's no sparkle or shine here, no polish, only dead black intensity and the coolest designs ever put to jewelry.

Don't just wear black, devour the daylight with our anti-sleek Wide Matte Black Ring; or get a good look at nature's dark side with the one-of-a-kind Black Tree Bark Ring. No matter which of these styles calls to you from the shadows, these are the ultimate rings for the ultimate Night Owls. Not for the faint of heart! Learn more.

The night rolls on, 24/7, in the full selection of Black Zirconium Rings at Shakedown Jewelry!

Wide Matte Black Ring
Price: $310.00
Orange Stripe Flat Black Band
Price: $255.00
Matte Black Tribal Ring
Price: $355.00
Hammered Matte Black Ring
Price: $279.00
Square Hammered Matte Black Band
Price: $425.00
Weaved Matte Black Wedding Band
Price: $275.00
Textured Matte Black Ring
Price: $275.00
Retro Flat Black Ring
Price: $355.00
Square Black Men's Ring
Price: $375.00
Peaked Matte Black Band
Price: $255.00
Tree Bark Matte Black Ring
Price: $275.00
Silver Stripe Matte Black Wedding Band
Price: $255.00
V Carved Flat Black Band
Price: $299.00
Matte Black Carbon Fiber Inlay Ring
Price: $455.00

Matte Black Rings: Designing Darkness

Summoning the night is no simple task, but the reward is our badass collection of Matte Black Wedding Rings. They're fun to wear, mesmerizing to look at, and are different in ways that other rings don't dare to be. They're among our all-time favorite designs, and we're proud of the quality and craftsmanship that's gone into each piece.

You see, each of these Matte Black Rings was once as brilliant as any jewelry you'll ever find. Initially forged from zirconium, these young, unfinished rings outshone even gold or silver. But then, from deep within our hidden lair, we put these rings to the furnace, scorching the zirconium until the metal transformed from bright silver to a dark, ashy grey.

Now harder, more durable, and more mature, we then added our own special design flourishes. Some rings were hammered, others were carved, and still others were reshaped entirely. We could have stopped there, but in a final step we blasted the surface of each ring, stripping away any hint of sheen or polish, until only the most pure black remained.

So, rest assured, the black on each ring isn't some silly coating or paint job, it's an integral part of a metal that's survived the ultimate extremes. Each trial we put these rings through only made them stronger, so they're going to look and feel awesome for a lifetime, and beyond!

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