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V Carved Flat Black Band

V Carved Flat Black Band
V Carved Flat Black Band
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Item Number: flat-black-mens-wedding-band
Price: $299.00
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Go full stealth and disappear into the night with our new V Carved Flat Black Band! These black men's rings don't go "bump" in the night, they eat the things that do!

Let's get into the details: Each flat black ring is crafted from lightweight, scratch-resistant black zirconium. Each ring also features a unique peak profile that runs down the center. Cutting across the surface of the ring is a series of deep V cuts that create an interesting 3D effect. All of this is combined with a special matte finish that removes all shine from the metal for a ferocious, unstoppable new style!

Customization Options:
If you're ready to take on a style that can't be contained or controlled, we're ready to make one of these black men's rings for you. They're available in all whole or half sizes ranging from 4 to 14. We can also accommodate custom size requests -- select the option from the list on this page then enter what you'd like done in the "Comments" at checkout.

The ring is shown here in a the fan-favorite 7mm width, but 6mm, 8mm, and 9mm sizes are available, too!

Free Stuff:
We're passionate about rings, which is why we got rid of the hidden fees and other nonsense you'll find at many other jewelers. No, our price is our price, and that's why we provide personalized engraving on this item for no extra charge. We'll even ship it to you free -- you can select free ground shipping to any location in the US!

Embrace the night! Visit the full collection of killer Matte Black Rings available at Shakedown Jewelry!

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