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Striped Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

Striped Black Zirconium Wedding Ring
Striped Black Zirconium Wedding Ring
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Item Number: Z8DSTRIPE
Price: $325.00
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For those of you who refuse to accept the same tired styles from the past hundred years, your stubbornness gets rewarded with the incredible design of this Striped Black Zirconium Wedding Ring! Unique, chic, whatever you want to call it, these black wedding rings blaze a new tradition that is better, brighter, and darker than ever before!

Each of these Black Zirconium Wedding Rings feature a classic dome profile (not all tradition is bad) that boasts the silky sleek darkness you only get from black zirconium. This is zirconium that's been superheated to create a surface that's harder than virtually any metal, smoother than ceramic, and blacker than midnight. From there we artfully add a series of deep diagonal cuts that bring out the original brilliance of the zirconium underneath. The result is an ultra-modern mix of texture and finish that simply needs to be experienced!

Customization Options:
Think we've got a warehouse full of different sized rings? You thought wrong! We make our rings to order, so you can rest assured that yours will be customized for you, and only you!

We start by crafting your ring in any whole or half size between 4 and 13.5. But that's just the standard list; all you quarter-sized folk can feel free to choose the "Custom Size" option then note your sizing requirements in the "Comments" area of checkout!

Also choose from a 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, or 8mm width for your ring and own a look that will eclipse anything else out there!

Free Stuff:
Please, we insist. You're paying for the ring, so there's no reason to pay for engraving. We give you up to 25 characters of your choice on the inside of the band at absolutely no charge. We do free shipping on this one, too -- so long as you live in the United States and are okay with ground shipping, there's no delivery charge!

What happens when you embrace the dark side? A whole lot of innovative designs! Check out the full selection of unstoppable Black Zirconium Rings at Shakedown Jewelry!

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