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Black Zirconium Carbon Fiber Rings

He's a superheated metal with a ceramic-like finish and an intense black sheen. He's an ultra-lightweight non-metallic fabric that's five times more aggressively durable than steel. They're roommates. Can they get along? Answer: Hell yes! Welcome to the new Black Zirconium Carbon Fiber Rings Collection, home to the ultimate fusion of power, texture, and design!

A Black Zirconium Carbon Fiber Ring is more than the sum of its parts, and in this collection we'll show you all the ways a carbon fiber inlay ring can be sleek and, yes, even elegant, while still showing off a hint of your more, *ahem*, extreme side. So if you're ready for a black carbon fiber ring that can't be stopped, for a look that you can take anywhere, for the apex of 21st century jewelry... then meet your new housemates. Learn more.

Before they were fused together, each walked a separate path. Go prequel-style and check out our original collections of Black Zirconium Rings and Carbon Fiber Rings!

Black Zirconium and Carbon Fiber Ring
Price: $325.00
Black Zirconium Ring with Texalium Inlay
Price: $399.00
Matte Black Carbon Fiber Inlay Ring
Price: $455.00
Grooved Edge Black Zirconium Ring with Carbon Fiber Inlay
Price: $299.00
Black Zirconium with Carbon Fiber Inlay
Price: $299.00
Wide Black Zirconium Ring with Carbon Fiber Inlay
Price: $299.00

Black Zirconium Carbon Fiber Rings: A Different Kind of Hybrid

Many rings have been made out of the same materials for hundreds, even thousands of years, but it took a special kind of twisted brilliance to create the intense elegance of our Black Zirconium Carbon Fiber Rings. Don't get us wrong, we love Nature, but when Nature refuses to make materials that are awesome enough for our designs, then we do it ourselves. Enter the hybrid.

Each black carbon fiber ring in this collection didn't start black, no. The base of these rings is zirconium, which in its natural state is light and shiny with a brilliant silvery luster. To create its evil twin, we scorched the metal in a volcano-hot forge until it formed the ashy-smooth dark sheen you see on these rings. And that's not soot, it's a fused surface that feels smooth like ceramic but is even harder than titanium. That's right, burning the zirconium only makes it stronger.

Now, to create the perfect carbon fiber inlay ring we left a recessed area in the black zirconium to inset some our best carbon fiber twill patterns. Carbon fiber, as you may know, is like the definition of a Space-Age material. It's a lightweight flexible fabric but is also so tough, so impenetrable, that it makes most metals cry themselves to sleep.

Put black zirconium and carbon fiber together and you have a fire-forged futuristic monster of durability and design (that just so happens to look nice enough to also wear to the office). Get one for yourself today!

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