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Weaved Matte Black Wedding Band

Weaved Matte Black Wedding Band
Weaved Matte Black Wedding Band
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Item Number: Z8F-DISC5-2
Price: $275.00
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We know what you've been seeking: Something simple and a little plain yet.... more. Welcome to the awesome textured subtlety of the Weaved Matte Black Wedding Band! This new black zirconium wedding ring defies easy classification and stands in an arena all its own.

It's a unique flat black wedding band with an intricate weave pattern carved into a flat profile. The black zirconium base of the ring is naturally dark, but we roughed up the finish to create the ultra-dark and anti-lustrous look you see here. The weave pattern adds a nice layer of texture and evokes a look of weathered stone or old lava.

There's nothing else quite like this finish and nothing else quite like this ring. Order yours today and find out why this one is the coolest hit in the wedding ring industry today!

Customization Options:
We believe in shaping the ring to the wearer (though to be honest the alternative is kind of tricky), which is why every ring at Shakedown Jewelry is custom made. We do nothing off-the-shelf, and we can make this ring in all whole or half sizes from 4 to 14.

We also take custom requests. All you need to do is choose the "Custom Size" option then note whatever you need in the "Comments" part of your order when you checkout. One of our designers will take care of the rest.

We're featuring this ring in an 8mm width as we like the balance of this size, but we also offer it in 6mm, 7mm, or 9mm widths -- at no extra charge, by the way.

Free Stuff:
Speaking of "no extra charge," we'd like to take this space to remind you that this ring includes free engraving of up to 25 characters on the inner diameter of the band. Perfect for commemorating your names and wedding date or other special occasion.

We'll also ground ship this ring for free to any address in the USA. Now that's free!

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