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Hammered Matte Black Ring

Hammered Matte Black Ring
Hammered Matte Black Ring
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Item Number: Z7F
Price: $279.00
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Like the lava slopes of a volcano or the dark side of the moon, this Hammered Matte Black Ring has a look that you normally don't see -- and you won't find it out in the regular jewelry market. No, these black wedding rings for men are like Star Trek on steroids -- they'll boldly punch their way to where no rings have gone before.

How did we do it? Each of these flat black wedding bands begins as an ordinary flat profile zirconium ring that we cook to hellish temperatures to darken the metal. Next, we create a rock-style finish by punching the metal in a special random pattern. The result is a surface that looks like something from another planet, and it doesn't look like it was done with a machine. We then blast the surface to get the ultra-flat darkness you see here.

It's dark, it's deadly, it's like an asteroid of awesome heading towards Earth, and it's like nothing else you've ever seen before. Get yours today!

Customization Options:
Think you can control the fury of this Hammered Matte Black Ring? Then let's do this! First, select your size: We can do all whole and half sizes between 4 and 14. And, like your favorite live bands, we also take requests. You can choose the "Custom Size" option then note your size in the "Comments" field at checkout.

Also pick a 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, or 9mm width for your ring. Shown here in the 7mm width.

Free Stuff:
At Shakedown Jewelry, we don't charge for anything that we don't have to. Why are other places so fee-happy anyway? That's why, like pretty much all of our rings, this item includes free custom engraving of up to 25 characters on the inside of the band. And, as a bonus to you, this ring is also eligible for free ground shipping to any domestic location!

Want more? Then come with us to rock out to the full collection of Matte Black Rings at Shakedown Jewelry! (It's like the Metallica Black album, only in ring form!)

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