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Black Bogger Tread Ring

Black Bogger Tread Ring
Black Bogger Tread Ring
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Item Number: Z9DBOGGER
Price: $425.00
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Everyone's favorite tread ring is back in black and ready for more mud-tastic fury! The new Black Bogger Ring is forged from black zirconium and comes screaming from the Darkness like the evil twin of its titanium counterpart.

What turned this once shiny tread band into the heart of darkness you see before you? Well, we forged this particular Bogger Tread Ring from zirconium. In its natural state, zirconium has the same coloring and many of the same properties as titanium. But then we superheated the ring and from that inferno emerged a blackened monster that is as fun to wear as it is to look at. And it's even more durable -- that black barrier is as smooth as ceramic and even more scratch-resistant than titanium!

This Bogger Wedding Band (why not, we say) is the hardest of the hardcore and is perfect for anyone who wants to work that just-right amount of crazy into their personal style. Take it to the limit, because once you put this ring on, you won't take it off!

Important Note: Our Black Bogger Rings are not mass-produced on some assembly line. No, this is extreme craftsmanship and takes tons of man hours to get every detail right. Please allow for 2 - 3 weeks of production time after ordering. Available in a 9mm width only. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Customization Options:
Like we mentioned, this ring only comes in a 9mm width and there's not much we can do about that -- otherwise we'd have to scrap the pattern. We can, however, get you any size between between 4 and 13.5. And if you need something outside that range, select the "Custom Size" option and let us know what you want in the "Comments" area of your order.

Free Stuff:
Why would we give away anything for free? Because if you're willing to take on this Black Bogger Ring, then you've earned it. For this one you get free engraving of up to 25 characters on the ring's inner diameter. We'll also ship it to you at no charge (ground shipping only) to any domestic US address!

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